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P.G. YMCA Indian Guides and Princesses
Bowie, Maryland

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In today’s world, a child and a parent rarely have time together; to laugh, to talk, to become friends, and to learn about each other.  A new direction in parent-child programming  is beginning at the YMCA Prince Georges County in Bowie.  

This life-changing program is an enhanced and updated version of the  Indian Guides and Princesses program that has been practiced for the last 77 years. The time-honored parent-child program has helped us celebrate family, nature, community, and plain old-fashioned fun that will continue in our new journey.

Building on the legacy of past traditions, Adventure Guides will help foster a lifetime of understanding and companionship and strengthen the relationship between children and parents.
Our new direction is based on the premise that life is a journey. The journey anticipates challenges and choices. Along the way are significant guides. The journey begins within the sacred circle of family. Parents serve as primary guides to help their children navigate known obstacles. Parents entrust their children to other significant guides. It is an expedition for the ages.

Please go to our NEW Website:

PG YMCA Adventure Guides

For More Information: Call Chief Growling Bear 
(Craig Snider) @ 301-805-4640
or email me

Sponsored by the Prince Georges County YMCA
3501 Moylan Drive Bowie, MD 20715



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